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Hello! I put this website together to try and send 10,000 mosquito nets to people who need them. I did this because I learned the following:

1. Malaria still kills more than 430,000 people per year. That's a hard number to comprehend; it's like if three full passenger jets crashed every day.

2. Mosquito nets are ridiculously effective at preventing malaria, averting millions of infections per year.

3. Nets are really cheap — $2 buys a net that protects two people from malaria for years.

Despite all of this, the charities actually purchasing and distributing these nets are still bottlenecked by funding!

So that's what this site is: a way to easily send a $2 net to someone who needs it. I reached out to the Against Malaria Foundation, a well-known charity that has been distributing mosquito nets and recording data about malaria for years. Working with them, 100% of your donation goes towards buying nets.

Any net you send could prevent a death from malaria. Even one net genuinely helps.

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